"Protecting Your Information ... Protecting the Planet"

Our mission at PLANET SHRED is to protect our clients from the possibility of
identity theft by managing their confidential records as well as protecting
the environment by recycling 100% of the end product.

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RECORDS MANAGEMENT in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ

Properly organizing and maintaining records & information is critical to companies of all sizes and types. We will work with you to review the options and deliver the solution that best satisfies the needs of your business.


Records Management New Jersey  

Managing Your Records & Information

The ability to identify and access needed information as well as properly destroy records based on your retention policy will pay off in cost savings, efficiency, regulatory compliance and reduced litigation risk. 


PLANET SHRED Records Management offers secure storage and document scanning for your business files while providing easy access when you need it. 


Our low cost solution are designed for maximum efficiency and meet the highest standards for security, confidentiality and accuracy.


Scanning vs. Storage – What’s the best solution for your Company?

Keep in mind that the decision to scan vs. store hard copy records might be a matter of how often you need to access your files.  Some companies rarely need access to a file (or box of files) again, but need to keep them for a certain period of time. Other companies need to occasionally access files for research, audit, and customer issues.  Simply scanning all of your existing files to an electronic format may not necessarily be the most economical choice for your organization.


We believes that a combined approach is often the most cost effective for many companies.  If you need certain files on a regular basis, then have us scan just those files, but not all of them.  Store the rest with PLANET SHRED Records Management which gives you quick access to your records if needed until it is time to destroy them per your record retention requirements.  If a stored file ultimately needs to be converted, our Scan-on-Demand service brings affordability and accessibility together to meet any and all of your records needs.


Ultimately, the decision is yours to convert all of your records to digital images, store the hardcopy, or employ a combination of the two options.  PLANET SHRED can accommodate whatever you decide!  We’d be happy to work with you to review options and deliver the solution that best satisfies the needs of your business. 


PLANET SHRED serves Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ.